Our Story

Launched in April 2015, we wanted to create a place where parents and caregivers could easily find and connect with a supportive community and really enjoy those early years with their children.

Alison Mitchell Tosi has a BA in Early Childhood Studies. She is a mother of one and has been an early childhood teacher in Milan, Italy for over 10 years and during that time has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge about the best ways to promote learning and growth in babies and young children. In addition to teaching, Alison also leads a community playgroup and wanted to develop the current group into something bigger that could open its doors to even more children, parents and caregivers: and so Milan Kids playgroup was born!

Rubina Kim has a BA in Communication and Psychology, 5 years of experience as an English teacher and has a daughter who extremely enjoys the courses at Milan Kids! Rubina completed her studies in Rome, Italy, and settled in Milan 3 years ago. With teaching, psychology, and working with children as her passion, she is thrilled to have met Alison and to collaborate together in running and expanding Milan Kids.